Vintage Floral Design Engagement Rings

Flowers are the most popular nature-inspired designs that have inspired jewelry and engagement rings for centuries.

The flower motif in engagement ring designs is popular because of the timeless elegance and romance all the flowers bring into engagement rings.

A flower engagement ring features a large stone framed by smaller diamonds or gemstones to create a distinctive, vintage style floral design. They look like a flower, and some even have delicate branched leaves or petals with diamonds or other gemstones. If you partner loves flowers and want a unique, vintage touch engagement ring, these vintage style rings are perfect!

Floral halo settings are a unique way to add a vintage feel to your engagement ring. Halo rings were used Victorian era.

And there are many variations of this flower design! You can choose flower blooms such as daisy, lotus, lavender and rose in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Floral engagement rings feature a center stone surrounded by numerous tiny diamonds. They resemble a flower (daisy, lotus, lavender and rose) and some feature delicate branched leaves or petals adorned with gold, diamonds or other gemstones. If your partner loves flowers and want a unique vintage feel engagement ring, these rings are perfect!

Popular center stones are deep blue sapphires, peachy pink sapphires, sunshine yellow sapphires, lavender purple sapphires, deep red rubies and lush green emeralds.

A distinctive work of wearable art! Engagement rings can feature a delicate rose, lotus, daisy, or lavender blossom with a center diamond or gemstone surround by diamond or gemstone petals. The white, yellow or rose gold band can have leaf engraving, milgrained beading edges and pave-set diamonds. With branched leaves, milgrain edges and pave set diamonds around an elegant blooming flower that is sure to impress and make your partner ...