Emerald Birthstone FAQs

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Looking for a green gem? Certainly, emerald is a great choice, but green spinel and green sapphire are stunning options, too. 

Is emerald a good choice for an engagement ring?

A symbol of rebirth. The birthstone for May, ruby has been a popular center stone far longer than diamond. If you prefer brighter colors, the springy hue of an emerald with yellow undertones may be ideal for you. Or, perhaps you love pastels like mint ...

Lab vs. natural emerald

Emerald is a popular alternative to diamonds for engagement rings, offering a variety of antique and vintage style .... The main point to keep in mind is that natural emeralds have good hardness, meaning they won't easily scratch, but lab emeralds are ..

How to pick the perfect emerald

Choosing an emerald for your engagement ring seems like a simple process, right? 

Emerald Engagement Rings

Design your own emerald engagement ring. Create the perfect emerald ring, designed and made just for your partner.

Gemstone Engagement Rings 

Amethyst has been set in religious and royal jewelry since ancient times. Once considered as equal in value to ruby, emerald, and sapphire, it's the stone of St.

Alternative engagement rings

Perhaps the easiest way to go the alternative route is a non-diamond center stone. Colored gemstones are a perfect alternative to diamonds, ...

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