Leaf Engagement Rings

Designed by expert craftsmen, our collection of vintage and antique leaf-inspired engagement rings and matching wedding bands captures the intricate beauty of natural forms, from a delicate hand engraved leaf to a vibrant trellis. A leaf is a very popular motif to feature in engagement rings. All of our rings are perfectly handcrafted by our master goldsmiths.

Surely, you’ll find the exact leaf engagement ring you’re seeking online. Frequently made of Gold, 18k Gold and White Gold, this item was constructed with great care. Finding the perfect leaf engagement ring may mean sifting through those created during different time periods — you can find an early version that dates to the early 19th Century and newer versions that were made as recently as the 20st Century. Creating a leaf engagement ring has been a part of the legacy of many jewelers, but those produced by us are popular. A leaf gold engagement ring can make for a versatile ring, diamond versions can add an especially stylish touch. 

Browse our collection of nature inspired engagement rings in gold and diamond leaf designs, featuring rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. Customize your ring in any gold color ...