Earrings Guide

When it comes to earrings, what's flattering on one face shape can be frightful on another – learn the difference. There are right earrings and wrong earrings for every occasion and every woman. There are earrings for work, the opera and the party Saturday night. There are casual earrings to wear around the house and go to the grocery store. With the right earrings, a casually dressed woman can seem elegant or sophisticated.

But forget the occasion for a moment and help your customer find earrings to complement her face shape. Consider the geometry of her face and what will accentuate her good features. The texture and the color of the earrings should work with the cut and color of her hair.

A classic daytime looks with evening sparkle. So many women lead such busy lives that something as simple as switching earrings as day turns to night can become an added hassle. To help, manufacturers make earrings that can be worn all day and all night without sacrificing comfort or style.

There are several basic types of earring findings. For pierced ears there are posts, French ear wires, and kidney wires. For non-pierced ears there are ear clips and screw-back earrings.

Posts are findings with a post that goes through the ear and are fastened with a nut.
French ear wires (fishhooks) are bent metal wires that goes through the ear. A length of wire hangs behind the ear. French ear wires are used for earrings that hang down from the ear (dangles).
Kidney wires are similar to French ear wires but the end of the wire hooks onto the front of the wire making it more secure.
Ear clips are hinged earrings that are held on by friction.
Screw-back earrings are tightened on to the ear with a screw and are held on by friction.

Face Type
Face Type: To buy earrings that suits you, you must be familiar with face shapes and their complements. A triangular face needs something to soften its angles, so suggest a circular or oval earring. Hoops will best complement an oval face. If your customer has a long thin face, suggest a square earring to be visually pleasing.

Triangular Face: Small circular, large oval or long earrings soften the planes and lines of this shape. Earrings that flare at the bottom and are curvy are especially good. For a chiseled angular face, avoid earrings that come to a point ­ these call attention to a pointy chin.

Oval Face: Wear earrings to widen and balance this pretty face shape. Hoops, large ovals or three-dimensional puffed earrings are examples. Avoid long, narrow and dangling earrings as they can create a too-long look. With shorter hair, pearl studs and round gem earrings can be complimentary also.

Long or Thin Face: Circular, triangular (with the point up) and square earrings visually widen this face shape, adding balance to the vertical orientation. Three-dimensional earrings are effective because they add fullness. Try to avoid flat earrings or ones that dangle.

Large Face: Large earrings balance the shape of this face. Long earrings that flare at the bottom, long earrings or large oval shapes can all work. Flat earrings are better than three-dimensional ones. On fuller fleshier faces, large angular earrings that make a statement can look great. Avoid hoop, circular and short, triangular earrings.

Round Face: Big earrings bring balance to the shape of the round face. Angular earrings create a dramatic juxtaposition to the curves. Wide dangling earrings are good. Earrings that lengthen can be effective too. Reject tiny earrings. Wear bold earring jackets with studs.

Earrings Type

Omega-style backs for earrings allow your customers to wear a variety of earring designs comfortably and easily. When the backs are installed and adjusted correctly, they also help keep earrings positioned properly on the ear. For these reasons, you should know how to professionally install omega backs.

Omega backs will keep the earrings properly oriented and can be adjusted to relieve the stress caused by the tight friction back. The space between the omega back loop and the back of the earring should be 3.5mm to 4mm. Omega Back Earring can be with diamonds, pearls, gemstones and elegant designs with or without stones in yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver.

Hinged Hoop: A gentle curve hugs the earlobe, and the hoop snaps securely over the ear with no clips or poking posts. Hinged hoops flatter many faces and ear types and were created to be comfortable while using the phone. Puffed Hoop: A curved wire or band extends to form a hoop below the earlobe. The metal is beveled to give it a puffy appearance. The style attracts customers' attention because the earrings look heavier and bigger, even though they're hollow and light, and are highly fashionable at reasonable prices.

Diamond Studs: Consumers want their ears to glimmer with studs at least 1 carat each set in prongs or bezels. Settings are minimal because consumers want the diamond to be the focus. Earrings are the strongest diamond jewelry category right now, partly because of their unisex appeal. Think sophisticated. Think sexy. Think diamond studs and solitaires. De Beers has been enticing consumers recently to think this way about two of the most enduring diamond jewelry categories.

Quietly elegant, these fashion basics can be worn with other jewelry.