July Birthstone Ruby Engagement Rings

Romance and ruby jewelry go hand in hand. As a true sign of love and passion, it is a must gift for your beloved, a perfect way to say you care for her. Preferably, it comes in red color but nowadays, it is also gaining popularity in pink, purple and brown colors too. Moreover, it is also used as wedding jewelry these days.

Rubies, the first stone to be known by humans is found in Burma, India, Pakistan, Thailand and Kenya. Historically, rubies are associated with freedom, charity, dignity and divine powers. So, ruby enhances the personal confidence and inner beauty of a person and can be worn on any point of time. Wear rubies with a formal black dress or any other formals; it can make a simple and plain dressing into a couture dressing style. It is ideal jewelry for any skin tone and gives radiance to the personality of a person. Thus, it is most sought jewelry for all the times.

Generally, rubies come in mixture of diamonds. Small diamonds placed with rubies gives a marvelous effect and therefore, increases the overall appearance of a person. Nowadays, gold, silver and platinum are also used with rubies for making jewelries. They are stunning and simply extraordinary. Rubies are also cut and finely shaped like diamonds. Different cuts like oval, emeralds and marquise make it more exclusive than ever. Pure and fine rubies are five times costlier than diamonds.

The most popular form of ruby jewelry is ruby pendant. A beautiful ruby pendant in combination with crystal clear diamond gives a breathtaking view. Sometimes, white and yellow gold is also being used in featuring the perfect romantic gift in ruby. Gifting a ring in ruby is also considered an exclusive expression of love. A ruby worn in the third finger of your left hand is a symbol of eternal love. It is also believed to bring good luck for a person. That's make it really desirable and valuable.

Ruby is a birthstone of July. It is said that people who wear their birthstones are greatly influenced by the properties and qualities of that gem. So, many people buy rubies to gift their friends and loved ones born in the month of July.

If you are planning to buy a ruby ring; check its quality well. The purity and effectiveness of ruby is not measured in size but in its color. The purest and valuable ruby is deeply red. The purplish red ruby is least in its value. So, make sure you get a real ruby instead of a phony one.