Flower Halo, Cluster Engagement Rings

Halo style rings are among the most popular design for engagement rings for a long time. And there are several beautiful and unique halo styles that may be just right for your partner's ring finger. In this collection, browse a few unique halo engagement ring designs to help you get inspired.

Flower Engagement Rings

A floral halo engagement ring is a vintage-inspired flower setting. They often feature a round and marquise flower-shaped halo. We can customize our floral halo engagement rings to match your partner's preference, diamond shape, or size. If your partner prefers a starburst floral halo engagement ring, we can modify the halo of your chosen setting to incorporate this. The diamonds in our floral halo engagement rings are round cut and are often set at a slight angle to radiate their light outwards. Custom made engagement rings inspired by your favorite flower in vintage and antique styles. These beautiful interpretations of the floral theme use a center-colored gemstone and accent diamonds to create a flower-inspired look that will bloom for a lifetime.

Let your partner ring finger bloom forever the perfect flower-inspired engagement ring. Our experts guide you through each step of the design process, from bud to blossom.

A bold, sculptural lotus ring with pink sapphire center with delicate emerald leaf and pave diamond petal accents. The vining rose gold band has a bud under the blooming center stone.

A perfectly delicate sunflower ring with a fancy yellow diamond at its center.

Lotus Engagement Rings

This ring features a delicate floral diamond halo blooms around the center gem in this gorgeous ring.

Our Lotus collection features lotus flower-inspired diamond engagement rings. A gorgeous floral halo with a petite uniquely designed split shank is a combination that will stand out on your partner's ring finger.

Popping out untainted every morning from less clear waters, lotus blossoms represent purity, rebirth, and beauty. This makes them the perfect symbol for a long-lasting marriage, where a couple promises to be faithful and pure in the relationship. It’s no surprise, then, that some couples choose to add this symbolic lotus flower design to their engagement rings.

Rose Engagement Rings

Love is like a rose. Roses are believed to be associated with promises and displays of love. Poets through the ages have used the rose flower to symbolize love and affection.

Roses are red, and rubies too, we love rose engagement rings and think your partner will, too!

The deep bright red of the ruby center stone pairs perfectly with the diamond rose petals blooming around it. Diamond accent stones and delicate engraved leaves add a unique touch.

Cluster Engagement Rings

It's a classic look to set a cluster of multiple gems in lieu of one center stone, and the style has gained new popularity with the modern appeal of asymmetric cluster settings.